Recently sold pieces of driftwood.

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Driftwood-Large Driftwood-Small Driftwood-Small

Large Driftwood

Great to display in a non-working fireplace!

28 inches long x 24 inches wide x 6 inches high

18 lbs.


Small Driftwood. Great for carving

8 inches long x 3.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches high

2 lbs.

Small Driftwood

12 inches long x 5.5 inches wide x 4 inches high

1 lbs.

Driftwood-Wall Vase Driftwood - Small Extra Large Driftwood
Driftwood-Wall VaseDriftwood - SmallExtra Large Driftwood

Driftwood wall vase with glass vase. Hanging mechanism included.

Driftwood is 21 inches long x 5.5 inches wide

Glass vase is 8 inches long x 2.5 inches wide

Small Driftwood

13.5 inches long x 4 inches wide x 1 inch high

1 lbs.

54L x 7W x 4H

4 lbs

Extra Large Driftwood Extra Large Driftwood Extra Large Driftwood
Extra Large DriftwoodExtra Large DriftwoodExtra Large Driftwood

41L x 15W x 18H

9.0 lbs

Extra Large Driftwood

38" x 16" x 15"

10 lbs.

57L x 7W x 5H

6 lbs

Freestanding Medium Size Driftwood Home Decor 1 Large Driftwood
Freestanding Medium Size DriftwoodHome Decor 1Large Driftwood

The Embrace is the most romantic piece of driftwood we have in stock right now! Beautifully carved by nature and it's a standalone piece. 25L x 8W x 8H.

Add rustic charm to your interior spaces with driftwood. Driftwood shown is 60L x 6W x 3H.

33L x 10W x 7H

5 lbs

Large Driftwood Large Driftwood Large Driftwood
Large DriftwoodLarge DriftwoodLarge Driftwood

41L x 9W x 4.5H

5 lbs

34L x 8W x 3H

3 lbs

Part of a hollowed tree limb

39L x 12W x 9H

6 lbs

Large Driftwood Large Driftwood Large Driftwood-Stair Railings
Large DriftwoodLarge DriftwoodLarge Driftwood-Stair Railings


Large Driftwood

35L x 9W x 2H

3 lbs

I like to call this one "En Pointe"

33L x 6.5W x 9.5H

6 lbs

41L x 4.5W x 4H

4 lbs

41L x 4W x 3H

4 lbs

Large Root Driftwood Planted with Herbs Medium Size Driftwood Pitcher's Mitt
Large Root Driftwood Planted with HerbsMedium Size DriftwoodPitcher's Mitt

Driftwood is the perfect match for herbs that don't require deep soil growth. For this garden project I used a piece of root driftwood with cavities designed by nature to plant Sweet Basil and Sweet Peppers.

 "The Lizard" medium size Driftwood Oiled

16L x 8H x 8W

5.6 lbs

Large Driftwood Varnished

22L x 13W x 7H

6 lbs

Small Driftwood Small Driftwood Varnished Small Driftwood Varnished
Small DriftwoodSmall Driftwood VarnishedSmall Driftwood Varnished

Almost flat driftwood with oil finish. Good piece for taxidermy or for display.

17L x 3.5W x 6H.

1 lbs.

Very flat piece of driftwood. Varnished. Perfect for taxidermy mount.

20L x 7W x 1.5H

1 lbs

15.5L x 8W x 4H

2 lbs

Small Size Driftwood Varnished Wine Bottle Holder Double Wine Bottle Holder made of Driftwood
Small Size Driftwood VarnishedWine Bottle Holder Wine Bottle Holder - CDW-HD-4

Uniquely shaped piece of driftwood. Varnished to enhance detail. Perfect for art/sculpture/home/yard/decor.

14L x 6W x 3H

.5 lbs

This beautifully varnished piece of driftwood is the perfect wine bottle holder. Wine not included:)

19L x 9W x 6H

2 lbs

Need a converstaion piece for your next dinner party or wine tasting. This unique piece of driftwood serves as a double wine bottle holder and it's just a really cool way to display your wine. Wine not included.

Recently sold pieces of driftwood.